About Wall Decor's Marketing Affiliate Partner Program - FAQs

Marketing Affiliate Partner FAQs


Q: What is the cost to enroll in the About Wall Decor's Affiliate Programs?
A: Absolutely FREE!

Q: Who is eligible to enroll in the programs?
A: Anyone individual or business that maintains a website to advertise on.

Q: What is my affiliate ID?
A: You may view your affiliate ID at any time by logging into your account.  Once logged in your affiliate ID is displayed in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard next to your name.

Q: How long is the cookie active on a users computer?
A:  When a user clicks on the About Wall Decor advertisement on your website a cookie will be placed on their computer that will expire in 30 days, or sooner if the user cleans the temporary files from their computer.  The user must complete any purchase prior to the cookie expiring or being removed from their system.


Q: What are the commission incentives and how are they determined?
A: All commissions are accrued on a 20% base of the normal retail price.  However, sales accrued during any type of sales promotions will only accrue the 20% commission based upon the actual sale price of an item.  At this time all items included in the About Wall Decor Catalog or any custom products are eligible for commission payouts.  NOTE: If a user has signed up as a Content and Marketing Affiliate the maximum commission/royalty is still 20%.

Q: How often are commissions paid?
A: About Wall Decor pays commissions within 30 days after prior month or end of next calendar month (i.e. December payments are made by January 31st). These monies are only paid if the affiliate has accrued a minimum of $25 and all payments are made via PayPal – NO EXCEPTIONS.
    If an affiliate has not accrued a minimum $25 in commissions during the month, monies are held until such time the minimum $25 has accrued.

Q: What format are payments made in?
A: All payments are made via PayPal – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Q: How can I track sales of my images to determine commissions/royalties due to me?
A: Simply logon to your affiliate account.  Financial information is included on the Affiliate Dashboard.

Marketing Tools

Q: What marketing tools does About Wall Decor provide?
A: About Wall Decor offers our partners several different sets of graphic banner ads in the most popular sizes, or if desired you may create your own text based ads.  Once logged into your account visit the "Creatives" section by selecting the tab on your Affiliate Dashboard.  Once you download one of the banners you will need somewhere to host it either on your server or some external server.

Q: Can I use my own banners or text link ads?
A: Yes, however you are responsible for the creation of these ads.

Q: What information must be contained in the link for tracking?
A: To display and link ads from your website, simply place the ad on your site and direct the link to any page at aboutwalldecor.com. To determine link re-direction follow these steps:
  1. Locate the page at aboutwalldecor.com where you wish to re-direct users
  2. From your Affiliate Dashboard you can see the default link is our home page, however you may select the "Create Link to Specific Page" option.
  3. Copy the address from your dashboard by selecting the "COPY" button.
  4. Paste this link for the banner and text link ad. Your affiliate ID will already be copied into the link you are pasting.
Banner Example (Redirects to Home Page):
  Items in red are the information you will need to paste or include

  • <a href="this is where you past the aboutwalldecor.com page address and affiliate ID you have selected to re-direct users to"><img src="the server folder on your web server where the banner image can be located"></a>

  •    Here is a completed example of a banner ad:
    • <a href="http://aboutwalldecor.com?rfsn=174005.b980"><img src="www.aboutwalldecor.com/images/marketing/img1.jpg"></a>

    Text Link Example:
       Items in red are the information you will need to paste or include:

  • <a href="this is where you past the aboutwalldecor.com page address and affiliate ID you have selected to re-direct users to">This is any copy you wish to use for the text link</a>

        Here is a completed example of a text ad:

    • <a href=http://www.aboutwalldecor.com?rfsn=174005.b980">Custom Wall Graphics from About Wall Decor</a>

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