Arena "The Peak of Hong Kong" Panoramic Wall Decal

Adam Arena


     This unique valley image of Hong Kong is provided by Adam Arena, one of About Wall Decor's content affiliate partners. This wall decor piece is digitally printed using 8-color printers for unmatched color quality and detail on our removable and reusable, adhesive-backed polyester wall decal fabric, as well as our glossy poster media, in the following sizes: 10"x24", 15"x36", 20"x48", 25"x60", 30"x72"(pictured) or 35"x84".  All orders are not produced until placed to ensure you receive the freshest materials and majority of orders ship within 3-5 days.

Available As:   Fabric Wall Decal (also available as a glossy poster print under that collection)

Available Sizes:  10"x24" ~ 15"x36" ~ 20"x48" ~ 25"x60" ~ 30"x72"(pictured) ~ 35"x84"

Availability:  Decals and posters print and ship FREE within 5 business days.

Material Desc.

     About Wall Decor offers up to three different digital medias for print - depending upon what type of product you are seeking.  Of course, our Glossy Posters and Gallery Wrapped Canvas prints are pretty much self explanatory, however not everyone is familiar with wall decal materials available.  In any instance, you may learn about the products this image is available for digital print on.

     All of our prints are produced in house - right here in Pennsylvania - and maintain the following features and benefits:

  • Digitally Printed for Unsurpassed Color Quality and Detail
  • UV & Water Resistant for simple and easy cleaning with a damp cloth
  • Available in several sizes to fit your specific space
  • Price Match and Money Back Guarantees

7 Mil Reusable Wall Decor Fabric:  This media is actually a woven polyester fabric with a water-based adhesive-backing that is much more durable than vinyl decals and is considered environmentally safe.  This media has a defined Mil thickness of 7 - meaning it is about as thick as a heavy duty garbage bag.  Wall Decor Fabric can be cleanly removed from application surfaces and reapplied up to 10 times on smooth, flat, painted surfaces in temperature controlled environments.  Images can be printed and cut just like a poster, or more commonly contour cut for reusable wall decals.

10 Mil Glossy Poster:  This media is similar to any standard poster you may find in any store, however the biggest difference is the quality due to how thick the material is.  The majority of posters produced and available in stores are 5 Mil in thickness, so you can see our paper is twice as thick - providing you a much sturdier print.  The media maintains a gloss finish so glare is not an issue like with some high gloss or ultra gloss papers.  This media has no adhesive backing and cannot be contour cut for wall decals.

Which Material?

     Unsure of which material to order?  Utilize the chart below to review materials attributes for your type of installation surface, indoor/outdoor use, reusability, UV & water resistance as well as finish types.


Wall Decal 7 Mil Wall Decor Fabric

10 Mil Glossy Poster





Up to 10x


Adhesive Backing


Indoor Use


Outdoor Use


Smooth Painted Surfaces


Slightly Textured Surfaces*



Ultra Smooth Surfaces

1x Use


UV Resistant


Water Resistant




Images May be Contour Cut


Finish Type




Slightly Textured Surfaces refers to wall  surfaces such as orange peel or eggshell. 

How Long?

     About Wall Decor utilizes a technique called Digital-Print-On-Demand, meaning no print is produced until ordered.  This ensures you receive the freshest materials and inks possible, unlike many others that mass produce prints then stock them in a warehouse for months or even years.  Be aware - all reusable wall decals on the market must have the decal peeled from the paper backing within one year of manufacturer - meaning many mass produced products may be expired before you receive them.

     Production time for each of materials varies, however it only takes a few days.  Production times for each are:

  • 7 Mil Reusable Wall Decor Fabric - 5 business days
  • 10 Mil Glossy Poster - 3 business days
  • Professional Gallery Wrapped Canvas - 7 business days


     All of our digitally printed products arrive with easy-to-follow, step-by-step written installation instructions, which can be reviewed and downloaded here

     Note:  All of our Professional Gallery Wrapped Canvas prints will arrive with kit for installation to include; written instructions and hanging hardware.

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