Great Wall Prepasted Wall Mural 10.5'W x 6'H



  Breathtaking in its ancient beauty, the Great Wall of China stands guard at the top of the mountain ranges, marching along as far as the eye can see.  There is beauty in this old fortification and the sweeping vistas seen from the watchtowers.  This wallpaper mural brings to life a portion of that wall right in your home, and will look dignified from its spot on the wall of a living or dining area. A great conversation starter!

  Applying this mural is easy: simply cut apart each panel, dip it in warm water, and bring it to the wall. Each of the seven panels are prepasted and water-activated, and will fit together without the need for overlapping or additional paste.  Please note prepasted murals are considered a one-time use product.  Once you decide to take the mural down it may be removed cleanly without damaging the application surface, but is not repositionable or reusable after removal.

Available As:   Prepasted synthetic fiber wall mural material

Available Sizes:  10.5'W" x 6'H fully assembled (7 panels. each measuring approx. 6'H x 18"W)

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