About Wall Decor's Preferred Partner Affiliate Program - What Products Can I Offer?

 Preferred Partner Products

     Under the Preferred Affiliate Partner Program you have the choice of either stocking UPC labeled products in your store locations for customers to browse and shop, or to take orders, which you then enter into your account to have About Wall Decor dropship directly to your customer - with no About Wall Decor branding whatsoever!  With over 5,000+ products in the About Wall Decor catalog there is a wide selection of affordable, hi-quality products to choose from and two different methods for selling with no minimum quantities to order.

     The most popular program our Preferred Partners utilize is the About Wall Decor Dropship Program.  Under this arrangement you take the order from your customer then login to your About Wall Decor account to place the order.  About Wall Decor will then process your order and ship direct to your customer - with no About Wall Decor branding, or you can have it shipped to you and have the customer pick it up in your store - just another reason to get them in the door.

     The second option, for brick-and-mortar retail establishments, is to order the traditional backstock so when a customer wishes to purchase in your store they may take it with them.  All of About Wall Decor's products maintain UPC codes so you may add them to your inventory for scanning, and all of our wall decals and glossy posters are packed in transparent retail friendly packaging for hanging and viewability.  Other products such as wood and metal art, framed art, gallery wrapped canvas, mirrors, wall clocks and other products are already packaged in shipping boxes and do not display well.  For those products we recommend backstocking a few and opening a single unit for display so customers may view it.  To utilize this program you will need to contact our Marketing Department for quotes on retail packaged products.

     Please do not hesitate to contact our marketing department if you have any questions about the program.  You can reach us at affiliates@aboutwalldecor.com and one of our associates will respond to your inquiry within 24 business hours.

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