Ambient Weather 12" Atomic Radio Controlled Wall Clock



Brand: Ambient Weather

Color: White / Black


  • The Ambient Weather RC-1200WB Radio Controlled Clock turns an ordinary wall clock into an extraordinary, accurate time piece with the radio controlled time.
  • The clock automatically synchronizes the time several times a day based on a radio signal from Fort Collins, CO (WWVB). The Radio Controlled Clock never needs resetting and is accurate to the second.
  • The clock automatically adjusts for daylight savings time and your time zone. An override daylight savings time feature is available for residents in Arizona.
  • The reception attempt for the daily automatic synchronization with the radio time is performed several times a day. One successful synchronization per day is sufficient to accurately set the clock to the second.
  • The movement is nearly silent due to the ultra-lightweight hands. The lightweight hands also extend the battery life, reducing the motor workload.

Details: Specifications:
12" Diameter
Atomic time with manual override
Four Time Zone Settings (Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern)
Automatically updates for daylight saving time (on/off override switch)
Manual Reset Button
Accurate to the split second
Silent movement
Battery Power: 1 x AA (not included)

Available Size(s): 13" x 13" x 2"

Shipping Weight:  1.75 lbs.

Warranty:  30 days

Shipping:  Ships from our Amazon Affiliate Partners facility within 2-3 business days

UPC: 816982017338

EAN: 0816982017338

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