Artifact Globe or Map Framed Art - 24"x24"

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     These prints may be purchased as a matching pair, or they are each sold individually.  An original perspective on an Old World design gives both of these prints a bold look that demands attention.  These images work well together, side-by-side, or on adjacent walls to tie a room together.  Both units include a digitally printed matte in muted colors; one in blue/brown/beige with imprint of the globe, and the second in green/brown/beige muted colors with imprint of a map.  Both prints display same metal medallion center inset in the unit.  The frame is a dark bark-like wood and the back of the print is sealed with brown kraft paper, normally only found on high end art.  Two triangle swivel hangers are mounted on the back of the print, and two v-hangers and nails to complete hanging are included.  These framed prints will add make a definite impression in any room they adorn.


  • Digital print and medal inset medallion w/matting and dark wood bark-like frame

Available Size

  • 24" x 24" x 1"

Shipping Weight

  • Pair-15lbs
  • Single Units-8lbs.


  • Ships FREE from our facility in 2-3 business days

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