Hollis Purple Clematis Wall Decal Cutout

Aalexa Hollis


     Aalexa Hollis Purple Clematis is an exclusive wall decal cutout only available here at About Wall Decor! This very regal purple flower is available on our removable and reusable, adhesive-backed polyester fabric wall decal material in the following sizes: 22.5"x24", 33.5"x36"(pictured) and 45"x48". All of About Wall Decor's prints are not produced until ordered so you receive the freshest materials possible and are digitally produced to ensure accurate color reproduction and detail. Majority of orders ship within 3-5 business days so our customers have their print in-hand with 7-10 days.

Available As:  Fabric Wall Decal

Available Sizes:  22.5"x24" ~ 33.5"x36"(pictured) ~ 45"x48"

Availability:  Decals print and ship FREE within 5 business days.

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