Howard "Breathless" Wall Decal

Shelley Howard


     This breathtaking images from Shelley Howard can add some definite scenic feel to any wall decor.  This rocky ocean shoal is digitally produced, using 8-color printers for unmatched color quality and detail, onto our removable and reusable, adhesive-backed polyester fabric wall decal material.  Available sizes are: 17.5"x24", 26.5"x36", 35"x48" or 44"x60"(pictured).  You can be assured you are receiving the best materials as we utilize a digital-print-on-demand method - meaning your print is not produced until ordered.  Majority of orders ship within 3-5 days. 

Available As:   Fabric Wall Decal (also available as a glossy poster print under that collection)

Available Sizes:  17.5"x24" ~ 26.5"x36" ~ 35"x48" ~ 44"x60"(pictured)

Availability:  Decals and posters print and ship FREE within 5 business days.

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