MARATHON Commercial Grade Jumbo Atomic Wall Clock (4 colors)



Brand: Marathon

Color: Wood Tone ~ White ~ Silver ~ Black


  • JUMBO DISPLAY - LCD display features 4.5-inch digits for easy viewing
  • SELF-SETTING/ADJUSTING - Using radio frequencies broadcast from NIST's Colorado Atomic Clock. Automatic Atomic Signal- It cannot be turned on/off manually.
  • MULTIPLE DISPLAY MODES - 12 or 24 Hour Display Formats with Indoor Temperature Display in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • 6 TIME ZONES - Choose between AST, CST, EST, MST, NST & PST with option to turn on or off Daylight Savings Time
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED - 3 C long life batteries included. This clock is designed with low battery indicator as well.This clock is designed with low battery indicator as well.

Details: The Marathon CL030025WD Jumbo Atomic Wall Clock is jam packed with features that sets it aside from the competition. The jumbo LCD display with 4.625-inch digits is extremely legible even at a distance. The atomic feature ensures that the time, day and date are always accurate. It even adjusts automatically for daylight savings (this option can be turned on or off). You can choose between 6 time zones (AST, CST, EST, MST, NST & PST), two more than many of our competitors. You can also choose to have the time displayed in 12 hour or 24 hour military time and ambient temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The industrial design of this clock makes it perfect for any office, boardroom, classroom, hospital or any large room. You can choose to use the cutout on the back of the clock to easily hang on a wall using a nail or screw (not included), or use the convenient fold out table stand. There is a low battery indicator to let you know when to change the batteries. This clock requires 3 C batteries, which are included. Don't be fooled by the cheap imitations sold by our competitors. Go for the genuine Marathon clock... the best in the long run.

Available Size(s): 16.5" x 10.6" x 1.8"

Shipping Weight:  4.41 lbs.

Warranty:  2 years

Shipping:  Ships from our Amazon Affiliate Partners facility within 2-3 business days

UPC: 696736832291

EAN: 0063442320624

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