Murals2Go Dreamtime Nursery Wall Decal IX



     About Wall Decor and partner Murlas2Go Dreamtime Nursery Multi-Pak IX of Reusable Wall Decals is the perfect accent for any nursery!. These 2 colorful individual wall decals, the large piece measuring from 70" high with a small 4" paw print decal, are digitally printed on our adhesive-backed, reusable wall decal material and can be removed and reused multiple times without leaving any residue or damage to application surface. Decals may be arranged in any pattern you wish during installation. All of About Wall Decor's orders are not produced until ordered to ensure you receive the freshest material possible, as opposed to many others that print and stock decals that are already months or years old meaning the adhesive may already be expired.

Available As:   Fabric Wall Decal

Available Sizes:  48"x70" large decal with 4" paw print decal

Availability:  Decals print and ship FREE within 5 business days.

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