Pure Art Caramel Desire Contemporary Metal Artwork (Set of 5 Panels) 40"x69"



Brand: Pure Art

Color: Caramel


  • UNIQUE HANDCRAFTED METAL WALL ART. The most complimented, inspirational artwork you will ever own! Much more than a large painting -- it's stunning metal art wall decor. Creates mesmerizing 3-D beauty that pops from your wall and comes alive as the light changes. Abstract design and caramel on brushed aluminum color complement traditional, contemporary and modern decor. The size of this large 5-panel metal wall artwork is 69"x40". Comes also in Small (32"x12")and Extra Large (86"x32") sizes.
  • THE DECOR OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS. Living room, family room, hallway, bedroom, over a fireplace or your dining room table. No matter where you hang it, everyone who sees this unique metal art sculpture wall be awed. The different size options add design flexibility. Non-corrosive aluminum makes this truly whole house artwork - it's perfect for (covered) outdoor as well as indoor use. Hang on porch or pool cabana walls. Add some metallic zing to enhance your home's ambiance and impress your guests.
  • IMAGINE DANCING LIGHT PLAYING OFF METAL AND RICH PAINT. At different times of day, changing light brings different facets to the forefront. The look changes from subtle flat matte in low light to a bright, twinkling 3-dimensional effect in brighter light. These natural variations in the silver background and rich caramel paint add depth and dimension, keeping the art as interesting as it is inspirational. For a dramatic effect, accent with track lighting!
  • EASY TO HANG AND LOVE FOREVER - GUARANTEED. If you've owned metal wall decor before, you may be expecting something heavy and cumbersome. It is neither. Aluminum is much lighter than steel, making it easy to handle -- and gentler on your walls! Our Lifetime Service Guarantee: This incredible metal artwork will adorn your walls for as long as you live there. But ... should you become unhappy with your Pure Art home art decor for any reason, let us know, and we'll make it right.
  • ORDER IT TODAY & START THOSE COMPLIMENTS FLOWING! Yes, you can confidently order wall artwork online! Only from Pure Art. Click on Pure Art now to browse our collection of 400+ unique designs. Customers rave that their metal wall decor is exactly as described and comes expertly packaged. Best of all, it's a great value for the money. Order yours now.

Details: How a Contemporary Art Piece Can Make a Plain Home Beautiful?

Cover your walls with unique handmade metal art!

This is an utterly mesmerizing piece of metal artwork that will accessorize and beautify your home like no other wall accessory or art piece can. It's a truly alluring piece that offers visual impact the moment you walk into the room. The hand- grinded and sanded metal finish offers a distinctive soft sheen finish against which sit the weaving of caramel threads of color. Each piece is carefully brought into existence using artistic hand-grinding brushed techniques on highest grade aluminum metal sheets; it's a creation that only a master artist, metal craftsman and fabricator can accomplish.

We offer a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee

Our committed relationship with customers and our outstanding track record with decorating and design professionals is what makes our products and services a cut above. Pure Art offers a lifetime warranty. We love art and we love people and bringing them together is at the heart of all our products.

An art investment worthy of value

A Pure Art investment is one that won't fade over time. The difference lies in the Pure Art quality at an affordable price. Comparable pieces are sold at more than $10,000 (depending on the size and style). Unlike other sellers , who place their artwork on steel, we use aluminum, making it much lighter. This is the artwork that will have everyone talking at a party, social event or even in the staging of your home or property. Order your special distinctive art piece today and receive a tracking code tomorrow.

Material:  Aluminum sheets hand-frinded & airbrushed

Available Size(s):  40" x 69" x .5"

Shipping Weight:  9.4 lbs.

Shipping:  Ships from our Amazon partner within 2-3 business days

UPC: 617629644005

EAN: 0617629644005

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