Regal Art Gecko Decor 5"x11"



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Brand: Regal Art & Gift

Color: Green


  • Tropic Wall Decor
  • Gecko Wall Decor
  • Southwest Decor

Details: Gecko Decor 11 - Green This Wall Art Decor Gecko is hand-painted metal with stunning three dimensional details and rich colors. Special painting techniques create a 'patina' effect and the use of richly colored automobile paint sets the finish apart from the competition. The photos do not depict the detail and richness of the work. Decorate the walls of your home, office or garden with this wonderful piece of hanging art. It is easy to hang with hidden metal loops.

Material:  Metal

Available Size(s):  5" x 11" x 1"

Shipping Weight:  .5 lbs.

Shipping:  Ships from our Amazon partner within 2-3 business days

UPC: 657641052945

EAN: 7225830244698

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