SonYo 10" Silent Quartz Modern Simple Wall Clock (5 colors)



Brand: SonYo

Color: Bluegreen ~ Black ~ Blue ~ Rose ~ White


  • Quiet sweep and precise movements to guarantee accurate time and ultra-quiet
  • Back nail slot offers easy installation
  • diameter-10 inches, depth-4.4cm
  • Big Arabic numerals against bright PVC face make clarity and easy viewing
  • Requires one AA alkaline battery (not included)


SIZE-This simple and silent 10 inch round clock.
FEATURES-A White profile with a 3D numerals dial ideal for any wall. Contemporary style with bluegreen dial and white numbers also makes it easier to read.
MOVEMENT-Silent&Non-ticking.To further enhance your experience the Quartz wall clock comes with silent sweep function which ensures no ticking to confirm a good sleep or relaxed working environment. 
MODERN STYLE-Hang in your office for a simple touch or in the living room to create a modern atmosphere with utmost precision.
UTMOST PRECISION-Quartz wall clock guarantees accurate time throughout its life with average battery lasting more than 1 year.
The frame is solid and sturdy giving classic feel to the entire room decoration. Simple yet elegant design boasts a satin finish that is well suited for virtually any room decor. Back nail slot ensures easy installation. Powered by 1 AA battery (not included).
NOTE:Please use average carbon battery instead of high duty batteries.

Available Size(s): 10" x 10" x 1.7"

Shipping Weight:  1.6 lbs.

Warranty:  30 days

Shipping:  Ships from our Amazon Affiliate Partners facility within 2-3 business days

EAN: 4800174341505

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