About Wall Decor's Decorating Tips & Tricks

     You've purchased your first reusable vinyl wall decal and want to be sure you install it correctly.  All of About Wall Decor's decals arrive with installation instructions and it is extremely important you follow these directions to ensure proper installation.  You may also visit our Digital Print Installation page where all instructions are available for printing, or you can view our six step digital video for installing vinyl wall decals.

    Here are a few items to consider prior to installing:

  1. Reusable vinyl wall decals are only intended for indoor use on smooth, flat, painted surfaces.  Vinyl wall decals cannot be installed on textured surfaces due to the rigidity of vinyl - not allowing it to be pressed into the textured areas and thereby leaving air bubbles - allowing the water-based adhesive to dry out and fail.
  2. The environment must be temperature controlled as vinyl contracts in colder temperatures, causing edge curling, and expands in heat, causing air bubbles.  Rooms should always maintain a temperature between 72-85°F (22-29°C).
  3. Attempt to not your vinyl wall decal near any heat/ac vents or windows as the wall surface temperatures in these areas are normally cooler.
  4. If the installation surface was painted recently you must wait for 30-60 days prior to installing your decal.  All paints require 30-60 days to cure the water from the pigments in the paint.  Review the paint manufactures instructions for curing time.
  5. Best paints for adhesion are satin, semi-gloss or gloss.  Flat paints tend to hold dirt and are extremely hard to clean, thereby leaving dirt embedded in the paint the adhesive will stick to.
  6. Ensure you have enough people to install - we recommend two or more for 24"-48" decals and three for any print 60" or larger.
  7. During installation attempt to not touch the adhesive on the decals as the oils from skin will adhere to the adhesive, thereby causing it to not adhere to the installation surface.
  8. If air bubbles are trapped and you are unable to push to edge of print for release, simply take a sewing needle (not a pin) and puncture the air bubble. You will then be able to press the air out.
  9. And lastly.....Enjoy your wall decal.

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