How to Properly Tape an Area for Painting

     Once all repairs have been completed to you wall surface, if required, you are ready for the next step - taping off trim, edges, doors, windows, etc.  This is a fairly easy process and you may follow these steps for completion:

  1. Ensure all areas that are to be taped have been wiped down with a damp rag and allowed to dry.
  2. We recommend Frog Tape, that again, can be purchased at nearly any hardware store and there are two different types; green for multiple surfaces and yellow for delicate.  You will more than likely utilize the multi-surface tape.Painters Tape
  3. One tip for this step - never tear pieces off the roll as overlapping sections will allow a large gap to exist allowing paint to wick under it.
  4. Pull approximately 18" of tape from the roll at a time and align on edges.  Press the tape down along the entire length then continue with the next 18".  NOTE:  DO NOT PULL THE TAPE TIGHT AS IT MAY BREAK.
  5. Once all tape is installed take a 2" putty knife and place the blade on the tape at a 45" angle.  Place a fair amount of pressure on the blade and pull it across the length of the tape to securely press the edge of the tape against the surface.
  6. Once your painting is complete and prior to it completely drying you will need to remove the tape.  If the paint is allowed to complete dry you may take a utility knife and run the blade between the edge of the tape and the newly painted surface to break the bond.
  7. To remove the tape start at a corner and pull the tape back approximately 6 inches.  Once peeled back pull the tape at a 45 degree angle, twelve inches at a time, and continue to pull the length of the tape, at a moderate speed, until you reach the end.  If you begin to hear a ripping sound you are going to fast.
Removing Painters Tape

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